Client Support

Sometimes, we all need a little help or a second pair of eyes to see where things are going awry. To that end, when this need arises and I’m not able to be in physical presence with you to help diagnose various technical issues, as often is the case, technology can provide potential solutions. This particular option also helps with in-person solution hunts, as sometimes there are difficulties in describing a problem/condition in adequately technical terms to help me help you. As the saying goes, a picture (of your screen) is worth a thousand words (and by extension, my being able to drive the mouse is worth a million).

Therefore, in order for me to be able to virtually see your computer, it helps greatly if you can download and install the following app on your device – it’s called JumpDesktop Connect:

Simply click the prominent blue button on the page to download the app installer for your specific device (Mac or Windows). Once downloaded, use your specific platform’s installation procedures to install the application on your computer and launch the app (if it does not do so automatically). Once it is installed and opened, you should now see the following dialog box on your screen:

Jump Desktop Connect dialog box example

You will note that the dialog box is divided into two halves. The right half is the part we are interested in so you can share your screen to me (on a temporary, one-time basis). You will note it provides a unique, one-time code (a nine-digit number) for connecting to your computer (this random code changes every time the tool is used). Simply click the Copy Link words at the bottom of the dialog box (see example image above for location) to copy the specified link code to your operating system’s Clipboard. You can then paste/forward this link to me via a text/Slack/email/etc. Once I have the code on my end, I will launch it via my JumpDesktop app at which point it will initiate the connection to your device. On your end, you will then be prompted with a different dialog box asking for your permission for me to view your screen. Once you grant that permission, I should then be able to remote see your screen(s) as well as drive a virtual mouse on your computer so I can assist you in exploring the issue in hopes of a diagnosis/fix. I will likely also be calling over the phone simultaneously to discuss the issue at hand as I get to understand the problem. Once we arrive at a solution, I will disconnect from your computer and not be able to reconnect unless you send me a new code (again, it changes every session so one cannot keep a persistent connection to your computer without your permission).