Advanced Monolithix

Advanced Monolithix LLC

Advanced Monolithix is, and does many things, but our current primary goal is to assist those in the SMB (Small And Midsize Business) marketspace to succeed so they can better contribute to driving more sustainable/humanitarian global solutions in the larger picture of our human evolution (big picture success is often driven at the micro-level scale).

Our services include aspects such as:

  • IT consulting (specifically specializing in Apple ecosytem/infrastructure)
  • Hardware/software/networking infrastructure
  • Business workflow/tools/communications (apps/infrastructure, tutoring, etc.)
  • Audio/Video production
  • General technology/problem solving

No matter the size of your business, we can help you leverage tools/processes that are freely/affordably available that put you and your company on a more level playing field against the largest of your competitors. Visit the Resources section for a small taste of some of these tools/information.

Learn more how we can help your small company to not just survive, but to thrive in the ever-changing/complex technology landscape that is today’s (and tomorrow’s) business reality. Contact us to find out more!